Inspiring Innovation Through Science Education and Honoring the History of Space Exploration.

Since 1988, the team at SpaceWorks, a division of the Cosmosphere, has brought the highest standards of craftsmanship to artifact restoration, replication and more.

The team's restoration work has helped to preserve the retrieved Saturn V F-1 engines from the Apollo 11 mission (the first mission to land Man on the Moon), the Liberty Bell 7 and the Odyssey—the Apollo 13 Command Module that calls the Cosmosphere home. Because of the team’s extensive experience in restoration work, SpaceWorks clients are assured that exhibits are handled with the utmost care and highest professional quality. In addition, SpaceWorks has created custom display cases for artifacts in the galleries at the Cosmosphere as well as other museums and touring exhibits around the world.

From historical restoration, to artifact rental and replication, to exhibit design and installation, the SpaceWorks team can bring your vision to life!