Display amazing pieces of space history with exhibits that feature authentic artifacts and vivid storytelling information panels.

Choose from a variety of ready-to-go full exhibits to bring your programming to life. SpaceWorks traveling exhibits offer an opportunity to ignite curiosity and spark discovery for your visitors.


SpaceWorks Video ThumbnailApollo 13: A Mission of Survival

As three human lives were on the line 200,000+ miles above the Earth, a team on the ground feverishly worked to bring them home safely. Learn about the epic story of NASA’s most successful failure. 

Liberty Bell 7: The Peril and Promise of Space Exploration

The Space Race and the ultimate United States’ victory in reaching the Moon began with spacecraft designed for one human. The Liberty Bell 7 is one of those spacecraft.  

Living in Space: Discover the past, present and future challenges of living in space

Explore the past, present and future challenges of maintaining human life in the harsh environment of space. 

Space Photography: Discovering our universe through a space lens

See some of the most breath-taking images our universe offers while understanding how these unique perspectives provide vital research and continued interest in all things space and astronomy!