Living in Space:
Discover the past, present and future
challenges of living in space

Before we could send Man to the Moon,
we first had to understand how the human body
would react to the harsh environment of space.

As NASA prepares to return humans to the Moon and embarks on establishing an outpost for future space exploration, one goal from prior missions will remain the same: keep the astronauts safe and as comfortable as possible.

Living in Space explores the past, present and future challenges of maintaining human life in the harsh environment of space. Through authentic space artifacts and vivid imagery, visitors to this exhibit will learn how astronauts must adapt to life in space and what will be necessary for human survival on future missions to the Moon and Mars.




EXHIBIT FEE: As low as $2,500 a month
DURATION: 3+ months
SPACE NEEDED: 500-1,000 +/- square feet

• Over 17 Elements
• Six Artifacts
• Five Banners and Stands
• Four Pedestals and Vitrines
• Four Information Rails

• Genuine Skylab Sleep Monitoring Cap
• Genuine Disposable Absorption Containment Trunk (DACT)
• Genuine Urine Transfer Assembly
• Genuine Personal Radiation Dosimeter
• Flown Apollo 8 Space Food
• Genuine Personal Hygiene Kit

• Exhibit Poster
• Promotional Flyer
• Social Media Images
• Sample Press Release
• Educational Materials
• Retail Product Ideas

• On-staff curator may be required for artifact handling
• Indoor exhibition space with climate control
• Must provide proof of insurance

• All costs associated with lease, including inbound shipping and installation, are the responsibility of the receiving institution
• Exhibit will come packaged for easy offloading or optional forklift or lift-gate removal
• All exhibit elements will fit through standard 36" doorways
• Exhibit will come with easy set-up instructions and no special tools are required
• Must provide storage for crates and packing materials